Google says it is matching $1 million in donations to the

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cheap canada goose sale The money will support local recovery and rebuilding efforts. Facebook users are getting a message at the top of their news feed on how to donate.Google says it is matching $1 million in donations to the American Red Cross.Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner confirmed that police Sgt. Steve Perez has died after he became trapped in his patrol car as he was driving to work.The Houston Chronicle has reported that the 30 year officer was heading to work Sunday when he became trapped in high water on Interstate 45 in north Harris County and then couldn get himself out of his car.NAACP interim President Derrick Johnson says his organization will carefully monitor government assistance in Houston and other areas to ensure minority Canada Goose Sale neighborhoods get adequate resources following Harvey Canada Goose Outlet destruction on the Gulf Coast.Johnson says the NAACP goal will be ensure that resources directed from the federal government don skip neighborhoods cheap canada goose sale.

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