It is particularly meaningful because Down Syndrome results

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canada goose clearance March 21 is Down Syndrome Day. It is particularly meaningful because Down Syndrome results from the presence of three copies Cheap Canada Goose of chromosome 21. Down Syndrome is the most common chromosomal disorder, affecting over 400,000 Americans. “Should I” do an MS in chemical engineering? “Should I” go for a job? My mental state: muddled and unhappy. In June 2007, a thought crossed my mind “What if I stop asking what I should be doing and ask myself what I really, truly want to do? What if it was NOT compulsory that I “should do” an MS or an MBA? Suddenly I felt light! I still remember that moment when I allowed myself to think about what I really wanted and instantly felt happier! I had this vision Canada Goose Sale about writing and blogging and anchoring quizzes and debates a few times a month. I felt amazing! As soon as I allowed myself to think of what I wanted to do I felt good! Thankfully, today I am much happier writing on this website than I was when I thought I “should canada goose outlet do” an MS in chemical engineering. canada goose clearance

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