The workers who were already gone were off to tear out soggy

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Hermes Belt Replica 1, 2017)As a parade of motorists rolled down their windows on the edges of a Houston Home Depot parking lot offering cash, the crowd of day laborers had slowly thinned to about a dozen by mid morning.The workers who were already gone were off to tear out soggy carpeting, carry ruined sofas Replica Hermes to the curb and saw apart mold infested drywall. Those who still remained knew they were hot commodities and weren’t going to settle for low offers.The owner of a car dealership shook his head and drove off after his $10 an hour proposal to clean flooded vehicles drew no takers. A pickup driver who promised $50 for two hours to rip out wet carpeting and move furniture was told the job was too short to be worthwhile.Day laborers many of them immigrants and many of them in the country illegally will continue to be in high demand as workers who clear debris make way for plumbers, electricians, drywall installers and carpenters. Hermes Belt Replica

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