Greg joins us from his previous role as professor and

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Leading this new portfolio will be Greg Ball, Associate Dean. Greg joins us from his previous role as professor and coordinator from our marketing programs. BETTY JEAN RITCHIE BOWEN Betty Jean Ritchie Bowen, 94, of Chico, CA, passed away surrounded by family on Sun., Dec. 17, 2017 at Enloe Hospital.

There were approximately 60 members of Occupy in the audience. They chanted their vapid slogans. The difference is that the updated version allows shoppers to choose from a variety of colors. They can customize the shoes from the color of the swoosh logo to the color of the laces.

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There was more of a gap among low income students, who made up 12.9 percent of graduating seniors taking an AP exam but only 10.4 percent of those earning a score of 3 or higher. However, the low income students taking and passing the tests were up more than 5 percentage points in both categories from 2004..

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I was one of the people that applauded Wendy Williams stating the truth after Whitney Oprah appearance and got slammed her for not drinking the kool aid. But I saw it as voicing concern rather than judgment. From a Faculty project stewardship perspective, Lorraine will organize, in collaboration with the OTR and Mar/Comm, the marketing and advertising initiatives in support our new Bachelor of Business Administration degree programs (BBA). Charlene Kawazoye, APA will report to Lorraine directly, providing continuity and support to the Marketing and Advertising portfolio of programs.

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