Looked at my stats, and this is my 100th Scarlett blog! So

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“Iraq is a very rich country, but life here is very difficult,” he says. “We don’t have the basic necessities covered to live with a minimum of dignity. Electricity is one of our biggest problems.

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Have a video that was taken by the driver because he was repeatedly having problems with these same children. He placed the camera on the bus to record these events if they were to occur. But we can release the video because he did it without permission and because of FOIP issues and agreements with the Edmonton Catholic School Board..

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Washing 101: Machines can be tough on these threads, so wash on delicate, spin dry, and hang in a shaded area. High heat will eventually weaken elasticity and destroy fabric, explains Lorna Jane Clarkson, founder and CCO of Lorna Jane Activewear. You also want to avoid fabric softeners, which can trap sweat so it doesn wash away (meaning your gear will still stink) as well as nix the shirt sweat fighting properties, says Brooke Berger, head of product for Sweaty Betty..

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