You have to be smart about marketing

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Cold air will hug the floor, where someone is bound to be sleeping. The fire will die overnight. Bring a warm sleeping bag and hope that someone else volunteers to restart the fire in the morning.Bring earplugs; snoring happens.

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You have to be smart about placement. You have to be smart about marketing. You have to know how to calculate your net and your return on your investment..

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He said he missed only hot tea, hot soup and cold beer.Mr. Nakajima could not cook for fear of blowing up the boat, whose gasoline tank rests under a seat cushion. So he caught fish and ate them raw, even though he didn’t take to the ritual.”When I take in the big fish, they cry ‘KI! KI!’ I felt so bad but I tell them, ‘I’m hungry and I want to eat,’ so they die,” he says, F slamming his hand down over an imaginary fish head.

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I do like De Niro playing a wiseguy, instead of the clown act he’s being doing a lot of in recent years. I just don’t like this particular wiseguy. Still, the actor delivers his lines with the kind of threat that reminds you of how really great he is in the right role.

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