The basenotes of orris and patchouli add a rich earthiness

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The $2.4 trillion Americans spent on health care in 2008 is almost as much as what we spent on food, clothing, and national defense combined. Adults struggle with payments on medical bills and many are hounded by collection agenciesAmerican children are three times more likely to be prescribed antidepressants than kids in Europe25% of Americans throw away written prescriptions because they can’t afford to fill them25% of children in America have untreated tooth decay or cavitiesDoctors do $210 billion per year on procedures based on fear of liability, not patient needAmericans are three times as likely to have diabetes than the BritishOver 25% of people living in Texas don’t have access to affordable health care. 45% of uninsured Americans actually have a full time jobAt 11% of the population, American women take more prescription drugs to combat depression than any country in the worldAmerica’s infant mortality rate is 87% higher than France’sRemote Area Medical, or RAM, was originally set up to go into third world countries to supply health care to the needy.

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