Here are some resources:Universal Crossposting: this post (not

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Hermes Replica Bags Replied to your photo have no idea how far I actually ran today, since I screwed up the I missed this post, but what technology are you using to crosspost between Tumblr and DW?I using a website called IFTTT (If This, Then That) which I programmed to check my tumblr every 15 minutes and crosspost anything it finds there if it tagged properly.IFTTT does this by yanking the post off Tumblr, throwing it into an email, and emailing it to Dreamwidth, which means you have to set up Dreamwidth to accept email posting.Any of these recipes can be used to crosspost to an active DW/LJ where you talk with friends and they read your posts, or they can be used to crosspost to an account if you just want to archive off site. Be aware however that IFTTT only pulls the first image of any given post, so if you archive a multiple image post it will be incomplete.Here are some resources:Universal Crossposting: this post (not by me) has instructions for how to set up IFTTT to crosspost everything you post on Tumblr to your DW/LJ. It also contains instructions for how to set up Dreamwidth for email posting.Crossposting only posts you tag to crosspost: set up IFTTT to crosspost ONLY if you tag the post This has some quirks; it will include the first image in the post, but if there no image attached to the post it will put a big IMAGE FOUND banner on your DW post, which is ugly Hermes Replica Bags.

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