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Facial Cleanser Collagen
Rp123 – Surabaya, Jawa Timur – Indonesia

Collagen Facial Cleanser

COFC NASA always makes you fall in love With the fresh smell of COFC is natural natural gel soap is very much useful ;

Eliminate acne
Nourishes facial skin glowing
Cleans skin up to pores
Regenerates skin
Softens and tightens

Enough with 2 drops of cofc each time wash Aweeeettt bangettt
Simply wash my face just make a beautiful natural face
Yuuk wear Collaskin Facial Cleanser aja
#AMAN for pregnant, busui, teen and Adam
Price MurMeeer yaaah, guaranteed the result was real! Redy yachh interest
WA 081216493862

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